Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I felt a bit better this morning. Haven't taken any Gaviscon at all today! Yay! Posted another 3 parcels this morning, and went to my friend Hazel's house this afternoon for coffee. I had a lovely afternoon, but started feeling a bit dizzy and lightheaded again by about 3 pm. I left shortly after 4, and went shopping for some onions and peppers and salad for dinner. I'm making chicken jambalaya, one of our faves! MmmMMmm.
So, I'm feeling a bit crap right now, but I cheered up no end when I checked my email and found I had an enquiry for postage costs from a potential customer in the USA! Cor! I've posted to all over the UK, but never overseas so far!
Anyway, I'd better get cracking. I have loads to do including cook, and I'm hoping to get over to my mam's later to do some sewing. The Whitby Gothic Weekend is next week, so I don't have that much time to get everything finished! Ooh, one other thing ... I wanted to get some black contact lenses to finished the demonic look (let's face it Whitby=Dracula doesn't it?!), because I have blue/grey eyes and it looks a little odd with the dark makeup and black wig. I looked on Ebay and they were £25, so I ended up getting some dark brown ones for £8!! I think they'll be just as good. The only problem is they aren't prescription lenses, which means I'll have to wear my glasses, which I didn't really want to do. Pity you can't wear 2 pairs of contacts at once! LOL Actually, I think I'll carry my specs with me and only put them on when I really have to ... the rest of the time I'll hang on to Ian and let him lead me around! Ha ha!


  1. abeator81 said...
    Well done for all your sales! I'm glad you're feeling better too.

    I've never had chicken jambalaya but it sounds yummy!

    I used to have some purple contact lenses...they were cool but a bit tricky cos I had never worn contacts before. Getting them in was ok it was just taking them out that was scary! I hope you manage to finish everything in time!

    Love Amy xxx
    Lisa said...
    Well, I've nearly finished the cloak/cape. It just needs the bottom hem stitching and the frog closures sewing on. Woo hoo! Then on to Ian's Edwardian style coat! ~ Lisa

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