Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Biff, my dog, is very ill now. Those of you who've read past posts will know that she was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma a few months ago. So far she's coped very well with it ... that is until a few days ago. The cancer has spread. On top of that she has an ulcerated gut and is in pain and off her food.
I've just got back from the vets. She's is starting on ulcer treatment today, but we both know that this is the beginning of the end. If I can't make her a bit more comfortable with this lot of treatment, we are going to have to make the hard decision to have her put to sleep. I reckon she has between a few days and a few weeks left.
Needless to say, I don't feel much like posting which is why I've been quiet. I'm going to go and give her a cuddle and have a cry now.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Olivia in another of her fantastic creations!

Well, I took loads of pictures, so I thought I'd better just condense them down in the hope of giving you a flavour of what the whole thing was like.

I'm exhausted. Utterly, utterly exausted. I probably shouldn't have gone what with this virus (the doctor said that's what it was but recommends I have a blood test), and even a healthy person would be tired after such an event. However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be going again in April.

The only photos I was disappointed with were the ones of Alien Sex Fiend ... I just couldn't get close enough to the stage, so I haven't included any of those. Not that it matters, I don't like them anyway, but Zodiac Mindwarp were amazing!

Anyway, enjoy. Hope you don't get too scared by what you see, and if you want to know any more about the famous Whitby Gothic Weekends, have a lookie here (although it is a bit out of date!).

Night night, y'all!

The lovely Olivia

Paul and Olivia doing the Monster Mash

The lovely Olivia. You can probably just make out some bat wings behind her. They were part of her costume and they opened!

Zodiac Mindwarp

Eeeeeeeeek! Actually, that's me. I ended up wearing bloodshot lenses instead of brown ones! And, yes, that IS a wig!

Some fat witchy lass. Oh, it's me again!

Geoff, Graeme, Graham, Glenda, me and Ian (my hubby) wearing his lovely jubbly coat that me and my lovely mam made him.

Just look at that wig! It has a boat in it! The whole thing had a boat theme.


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