Monday, January 24, 2011

I admit I haven't been online quite so much as I used to.  Even my Facebook and Twitter updates are done via SMS.  So updating my own blog and keeping up with those of my friends has fallen by the wayside a wee bit.  Life for me has changed dramatically in the last 21 months, and my online involvment has lost a lot of importance for me.

However, I am now regretting the fact that I haven't been keeping up to score with some people's blogs and MadPriests is no exception.

I was saddened and dismayed to read of his dismissal from the Church of England (on the grounds that they couldn't afford to pay for an assistant priest's post any longer).  He is now jobless and will lose his home at the end of next month.

Please drop by his blog and give him all the support you can.

PS I'm not making this request out of guilt or some religious duty or loyalty (I'm an atheist for goodness sake), but because I feel sorry for the poor bloke, he's a friend and has been very very kind to me in the past when I was going through an extremely difficult time.  He deserves every bit of support I can give.


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