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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It was a pleasant evening last night, so we decided to get the Cobb oven out - besides, we had just had a delivery of Cobblestones and were dying to try them out. I won't go into exactly what we had to eat, except to say that I am rather chuffed in that some of the produce was home grown. I've never grown my own veggies before, so it was a real sense of achievement for me. And delicious, too.

Next year I will definitely be extending my vegetable patch so that we can grow more variety.

I had a few days to recover now from the play, and looking back I am glad it's over, though I enjoyed it immensely. I do think we took on quite a task without realising it several months ago when we voted for Pygmalion as our mid-year play and I'll be the first to say it is not an easy play to learn, even if we are only amateurs. There doesn't seem to be any logical flow to each character's dialogue which makes it very easy to get lost half way through. This happened a few times, but everyone else was brilliant and kept the flow going like they were pros. Tomorrow I believe we will be having the post mortem, so it will be interesting to see what that brings.

Next show: The Christmas pantomime! Yay!

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Before you ask, yes I took some photos and shall be taking more this evening. I only have about half an hour to compose this, so I shall try to be quick, as I have to zoom off to the Arts Centre shortly.

Thursday's performance was ok-ish. It would have been tons better if there hadn't been a bus trip of 20-odd biddies from the local old folks home. Not that I have anything against old biddies, bless them, but they apparently had been told by their carers that they were coming to see My Fair Lady and could have a good old singalong to the songs. I shouldn't have been surprised when they old dears started talking amongst themselves in rather loud voices. It was rather offputting, and my poor dad (playing Alfred Dolittle) got lost halfway through a particularly long bit of dialogue, tried to recover himself a couple of times, then froze up and said 'shit' on stage!

Last night was marginally better. At least we had a much better audience who laughed in all the right places. But I forgot my lines last night! LOL Thankfully, they were only a few words I forgot and Matt and John rallied to help me out and keep the flow going. I must must must do better tonight!

After this evening's performance we shall be toodling along to the wrap party, so no photos for you until tomorrow, I'm afraid. And I shall be watching Doctor Who (which I will have recorded from tonight's airing) before I do anything with photos, so you will just have to wait. :-) I have my priorities after all.

Right, I have to go and make sure all my stuff is in the boot of the car before I leave.

Toodle pip, dwarlings! Mwah! Mwah!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Well, it's 10 minutes past midnight and I have just finished the coat for my Mrs Higgins costume. While working, Mr Lisa has helped me go through my lines a few times. I think I just about have Act V off pat now, I just need to revise where I am to be on stage and at which points. Tomorrow we have the final read-through, then we are On stage on Thursday. Oh heck!

I know I promised to post photos but I think it would be better if I post pictures of us all properly dressed up in the green room before the show, so check back!

Wanna come and see it? It's on at the Washington Arts Centre Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week!

More information here.


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