Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I haven't been employed by anybody in about 13 years, some of the time due to illness, and some of the time because I was self-employed working with my hubby.

After I was widowed in 2009, I was left with no livelihood, the banks froze the business bank accounts and wouldn't even release enough to pay for the funeral (thank goodness for parents, they're the best!) until probate was granted, and I was 40 when Ian died, so I was too young to qualify for widows benefit, so I had to sell the shop to pay off the debts I had inherited. I was in a bit of a financial state, to say the least.

However, after investing some of the money that I was eventually left with and using some to do stuff to the house that was looong overdue, I have been living off the remainder whilst searching for work. It's taken a long time but I finally got as far as an interview this morning, and by this afternoon I had a job!!

Not bad for someone who's a bit rusty and hasn't had an interview since 1988, what?


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