Saturday, October 16, 2004

Feeling weird

I've felt a bit odd yesterday and today, and I have absolutely no idea why.
Yesterday I started feeling a bit light-headed and dizzy, you know, woozy, kind of. I felt pretty tired all the time, too.
Today, I feel twice as bad. Really light-headed and dreamy and I've been back to bed and slept twice today. Just got up about an hour ago. I need to think about dinner, too, but I've been feeling sickly and off me bait for a good few days. Still, I shall make an effort.
I was supposed to go to my Mam's last night to do some more sewing, but I couldn't drive as I was so dizzy. I wonder what it could be?
Anyway, I just had a look on Ebay and I've sold another lot of soaps and bath fizzies and soap favours! I'm starting to get a bit worried as I'm just about out of Coconut Oil and my supplier isn't expecting any more in until next week, and legally I shouldn't buy from anyone else unless it's the same brand of oil. Sheesh, I hope they send it pronto as soon as it's in. I told them I was worryingly low on supplies, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I have plenty of everything else (except Castor Oil, which I forgot to buy, but as I only add 60g per batch, what I have left should last a while).
Oh well, I'd like to write more, but looking at the screen makes my head swim.
Bye, folks!


  1. abeator81 said...
    Oh dear...sounds like me! Maybe you have flu or soemthing. I hope you are feelig better soon. Hope you manage to get the coconut oil in too!! I'm pleased that your business has taken off so well!! hurray!

    love Amy xxx
    abeator81 said...
    Just to let you know...I visit an Me forum called 'Brainfog'...I just posted a link to your soap website on it! Loads of people use the forum so hopefully you'll get a bit more trade from that :) Hope thats ok!

    love Amy
    Lisa said...
    Yes, of course that's ok! I'm flattered! Hugs ~ Lisa

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