Saturday, January 07, 2006


I hurt my back yesterday. I was emptying the car of big lumps of old carpet and underlay that I'd taken up to the tip/incinerator and something went ping/wrench/grind. I managed to drive home, but by the time I got home it was stiffening up. I took some painkillers and lay down, then got up when they were working and had a hot bath to try to loosen up the muscles. It's not so bad today. Not so much a sharp pain as an achy muscle feeling all over my lower back. It does jab at me when I stand/sit/attempt to bend down/go to the toilet etc, but I suppose I'll have to suffer it till it heals on it's own. :-( It's taken me absolutely ages to do a little bit of housework.

I think maybe I'll go and have another hot bath. :-) With candles and scented oils. And lots and lots of bubbles. :-) I suppose there are some good things about having a bad back. I can relax without feeling guilty about it.


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