Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I’ve just got back from the hospital.

Some of who’ve read my blog for a while will know that I have plantar fasciitis.  It started a few years back soon after I had bought a new pair of walking boots.  Salamon boots, they were.  They had good arch supports and lifted the toes allowing a good rocking motion when striding forward.  I started having pain in my feet very soon after starting to wear them.  However, I was told to persevere as it was because they were a new type of insole that I was not used to.

Pah!  I should have got my money back straight away.  Having been to see a physiotherapist, I now know that it is likely that boots have caused all my pain, that the tendon along the sole of my foot has stretched so much that I now have fallen arches, plantar fasciitis in both heels, and poor gait and posture.  I feel so angry.

I took advice and stuck with the boots.  I took the doctor’s advice and did exercises that made it worse.  I had a steroid injection which was given using an old method (straight into the bottom of my heel) which is very painful and was described by the physio as ‘barbaric’ when it could have been given in the side of the heel which is less traumatic.  I paid good money to see an orthotist who told me to wear high heels!!  Is it any wonder I’m quickly losing faith in so called experts?!

It turns out that my feet will never get back to normal.  The damage is done.  “Welcome to the world of fallen arches.”  Yeah, thanks, mate.  He did say, however, that I can be pain free and lead a normal life using a combination of treatments.  If this is the case, then why have I suffered with painful feet for the past 2 years or more?  Why the hell wasn’t I referred before now?  I’m pleased that the physiotherapist realises that I might still need to be referred further to the podiatrist.  At last, someone who can admit when they may not be able to help!

Neeaarrgh!  Someone stop me before I throttle someone!


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