Monday, January 30, 2006

Life on Mars

Ok, so who has been watching Life on Mars? Hubby and I have watched it since the beginning, but everyone I’ve asked hasn’t been watching it! It’s bloody brill! And so many little twists and turns when you least expect it. It just goes to prove to me that Britain makes bloody great films and dramas without having to rely on big budget special effects in order to get bums on seats.

Well done, BBC! Nice one!


  1. baudolino said...
    Yep - got to agree with this, LoM is absolutely fantastic stuff. The bloke who plays Gene Hunt is brilliant! I'm wondering how the series is going to end though...I hear there's going to be a series 2, so is Sam going to wake up at the end of this one? Presumably not....

    It's got a great soundtrack too - I was born 10 years too late!
    Lisa said...
    I didn't know there was rumours of a second series ... thanks for letting me know. I agree with you being born 10 years too late thing ... I was only 5 in 1973.

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