Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well, I’m shuffling painfully off to dog training class in half and hour. The pooch has been upgraded from the foundation course (designed for dogs over 1 year old with no formal training) to the bronze class, because he’s just too bloody good for them!! He he. That’s my boy!

UPDATE: The little git was horrible. He started off well, but when a husky misbehaved and ran up to him he didn't like it being in his face and got aggressive with it. After that, he wouldn't concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing and just generally disgraced himself. I'm not at all pleased. He is going to have to get his act together over the next few weeks, or he's not going to pass the exam and he'll get a big kick up the bum from me, because I'm not spending another £57 to take him through the course again! Grrr!


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