Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just a quick post to let you all know the results of my biopsy.

It's benign ... so far ... but some lumps can turn into something more sinister so ...

I have a couple of options: I can leave it be and go back in May to have another scan to see if it's changed, or I can have it removed and that will be it done with.

No doubt this will be surprising to some, but this hasn't been an easy decision. I don't like the thought of surgery even though I'm no stranger to it, and I'm all for taking the most non-invasive route where possible. However ...

... me, being the natural worrier that I am, will more than likely whittle away over the next few months wondering if everything is OK, and even if it does turn out to have not changed in the slightest, I'll probably still wonder if it could turn in the future.

For this reason I have decided to have it removed and be done with it. So what if I have a scar - I'll add it to my ever growing collection of scars. I will telephone the consultant's receptionist on Monday and let her know my decision.

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  1. Butchieboy said...
    YAY! Benign!

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