Thursday, March 12, 2009

His kidneys have started working a tiny bit better, so he hasn't needed to go back on dialysis just yet, he's still maintaining his blood pressure without drugs, and he's had his lungs washed out and biopsies taken. his consultant said things were starting to look a bit brighter.
I'm not even home from the hospital yet - couldn't wait to post this!
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  1. Song in my Heart said...
    That sounds a lot better.
    Anonymous said...
    :starts chanting:

    Ian! Ian! Ian! Ian!

    Yes He Can! Yes He Can! Yes He Can!

    Come on folks, sing along!

    I wonder how the washing-out of the lungs works? I guess they're sparkly clean now!
    Lisa said...
    It terrifies me. I didn't even know you could wash out the lungs, but that's what the consultant said they'd done, along with chest x-rays and another heart scan.

    My lovely, lovely, fella - I just want him home now. :-)
    it's margaret said...
    I'm singing with Tracie!
    glittrgirl said...
    As I said - lots of little things add up to big things. :) XX

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