Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth

So, am I the only one who thought that the BBC's coverage of Live Earth was absolute tripe? Am I the only one who thought that the inane drivellings of Corinne Bailey Ray could have been better replaced with the pre-recordings of bands from around the world? Why did they have to cut from some of the best performances in the UK to show these pre-recordings? I got the distinct impression that director didn't like heavy rock bands and just because he didn't want to watch it he didn't think anyone else in the UK should, too, so decided to cut to bloody Crowded House in Oz. Not that Crowded House are bad, mind you, but it was in Oz. How many people in the UK watched hoping to see Metallica, or Spinal Tap, only to be shown a bit of it? Those empty time filling interviews between sets would have been a much better opportunity in my opinion. I noticed that there were no cuts from Madonna to show events elsewhere in the world!

Well done, BBC. You bollocksed it up again.


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