Sunday, July 15, 2007

Theatre Group has been interesting of late. The past 3 weeks have been taken up with auditions and casting. Last Thursday we found out who had been cast and who had other production responsibilities. And yes, I got a part! Not a huge part, but I'm still chuffed for my first role. I play a policeman. Now, picture this ... Policeman 1 is well over 6 feet tall ... and then there's me. Policeman 2. Four feet 11 inches and almost as wide. The funny looking little sidekick. Put it this way, it's a pantomime, and if it gets a few laughs then I will have done my job. :-)

I'm also Head of Costumes which is a little scary, but I'm sure it will all come together. I posted a wanted notice on my local freecycle group on Friday evening and I've had a response already! I collect some donations on Monday so we'll see if there's anything suitable. If not for this time round then I can always stash it away for future productions. Ah ... remembered ... I can't collect on Monday as I have a wedding reception to go to ... wonder who that would be ... a couple from the group I seem to recall ... heh! Oh well, must email the fabric lady and let her know.

We went out to O'Neills Irish Bar in Durham last night to see a band - I think it was "Six Nowt" - but we didn't stay very long. Mr Lisa and I have both been poorly all week - since Monday morning.


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