Sunday, July 29, 2007


What a weekend!! I am utterly shattered!

Friday night we went to see Neil's band play at the Art's Centre (it was also Kate's birthday). Drinking, late nights, etc.

Saturday, Neil's wedding (another Neil) evening reception, made our escape (there is only so much Agadoo and Birdy Song one can take before losing the will to live) and went to Legends night club (metal/rock/goth/emo/you-name-it) - drinking, dancing, even later night ... got home around 4 am.

Tonight, went to see Hayseed Dixie at the Academy. Drinking, dancing, singing, generally having a bloody fantastic time.

Home. Feeling totally shagged. Need. Sleep. Legs ache. Feet ache.

I'm getting way too old for all of this.


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