Friday, May 20, 2005


I have a sore foot. I mean I have a really sore foot. I've had a sore
foot for a few years, but as it's come on very gradually, I can't say
exactly how long, or indeed why I didn't think to visit a doctor before
I did. I suppose with something that grumbles away in the background
you just sort of learn to live with it.

Unfortunately, 10 mile hikes were gradually reduced to 2 mile hikes, so
I eventually went to see my doctor. 'Plantar Fasciitis' he called it,
and gave me some exercises to do with instructions that if it got
worse, or didn't get any better anyway, to go back and he would give me
an injection directly into my foot 'but it will hurt'. Lovely.

Well, I'm a whimp when it comes to pain, so I opted to persevere with
exercises, determined to get it better and back up to walking 10 miles
again. However, I found that the exercises made my foot more painful
so I stopped doing them, BUT I still chickened out of going to have
that injection.

Months down the line and 2 mile walks were reduced to a walk down the
back lane with the dog, which were quickly reduced to limping to the
end of the garden and back. I was desperate. I was at my wit's end.
I thought it was only a matter of time before I couldn't walk at all, so
Ian did a bit of research online and decided that the best thing for me
would be to see a podiatrist/chiropodist/orthotist.

Well, I went to see someone one Tuesday, and a £50 deposit later (the
balance to be paid next Tuesday) I have a splint on order which is to
be fitted next Tuesday too. I have to wear it at night in bed to keep
my toes pointing upward. He also said I really ought to just grit my
teeth and have that injection, so I took my friend along (I really am a
whimp) and got my doctor to inject it.

Ow!! What else can I say, but Ow! It bloody hurt!! He's lucky I
didn't kick him while he was doing it! He poked and prodded with his
fingers till he found the most painful spot (as if that didn't hurt
enough) and then stuck a bloody great needle right into it! Jeez, I
nearly hit the roof! Then he told me 'It'll throb for a few days, so
I'll give you some strong painkillers'. 'Bloody hell', I thought, 'I
thought this was supposed to make it better!' 'Plus, he said, you'll
not feel the benefit of the injection for 1 to 2 weeks.' 'Great!' I
thought. 'That's me laid up for me birthday.'

So, I'm typing this with a very sore foot. My heel is hot, swollen and
throbbing, so I'm off to take one of me strong painkillers. Poor Sonny
can't even have his morning walk, so he'll just have to play fetch in
the garden for a bit till he's tired out.

Anyone else got this condition? I like to hear about your experiences
with it.


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