Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Well yesterday was ok. I took Sonny to the vet because he'd been bum-surfing so I though he'd need his anal glands checked out, plus he has fleas. I'd sprayed the house ready so I wanted him checked over as I wanted to start him on Program. That's what I'd always used before on my own dog and before that was around I used good old flea spray. Well, they didn't have any Program, so I came away with Frontline, instead. So long as it does the job I don't really care what I use.

Then in the afternoon I had my psychotherapy session which was ok. I felt a bit weepy and wobbly when I came home, so when Ian asked me if I wanted to go anywhere for dinner I ended up opting for an Indian takeaway and sat in front of the telly with his bathrobe on. I like his bath robe ... it's big and warm and comfy.

My new wireless router is fab! It's wonderful being able to take my laptop anywhere in the house and still have an internet connection. At the moment the printer is on the living room floor and has been since I got it! It's a bloody great laser printer that I use for printing my soap labels and also my postage 'stamps' as I use smartstamp to send out all my online orders. Smartstamp requires you be online when you print your stamps as it debits your smartstamp account at the time you print them, which means the printer has always had to be somewhere near the DSL modem. Now I can move it upstairs out of the way and get rid of all this spaghetti on the floor that I'm always tripping over! Yay! It's a bloomin' heavy printer, though, so I might have to ask Ian to carry it upstairs for me as my foot is not pain free yet.

I got some nice Clarins stuff from Ian's mam and dad for my birthday, so I had a little facial pamper last night, which made me feel a bit better, and Geoff brought me a box of Thorntons truffles, so we had one each after out Indian. He also brought me a large ornament that looks like one of those stone heads on Easter Island. I think it's meant to be an outdoor ornament for the garden (at least it has a 'frost resistant' sticker on the inside), but I like it and have it on top of the TV.

And guess what my Mam and Dad and sister got me? A Bodhran! LOL I have always been a little bit musical and can sing and knock a tune out of most instruments, but I have never played any sort of percussion instrument before. I don't even have a decent sense of rythm. I have one other instrument that has got me completely stumped and that's a didgeridoo. Man, are they difficult to play! I'm hoping there'll be lessons run near here some time, but in the meantime I will persevere and try to learn to play the bodhran. If I can find an appropriately shaped tuit (ie a round one) I will post a picture of it.

Right now I'm off to get a cup of coffee and some toast. I have another appointment with the orthotist this morning to have my night splint fitted, so I'd better get moving.


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