Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ian's been preparing the garden to put the greenhouse up this morning. I started washing the glass panes. Bit of aboring job really, but it was nice to be outside while it lasted ... the heavens opened a short while ago. Then Geoff came over and brought me a card and pressie for my birthday, so that was nice. I won't open the pressie until tomorrow, though, even though I'm dying to know what it is.

Right, I'm off to make a sarnie for lunch, then back to work in the garden.

Oh, by the way, my foot is starting to feel better already! No excrucitiating pain this morning when I got out of bed. Yeah!


  1. Amy said...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Hope you had a fab day...

    huggles, Amy
    Lisa said...
    Thank you, hun!!

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