Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ok, here's the update. I did indeed close the shop early on Friday, probably about 3pm, and went home to look after Ian. He is never ill, and even when he feels a bit ropey he just gets on with it, so when I got home and he still wasn't able to bear weight on the leg and he was having difficulty getting comfortable I knew he was in pain indeed.

I cooked dinner and we watched a bit of TV which took his mind off the pain a bit and went to bed. But we didn't sleep ... oh no! He was awake and I could hear his strained breathing as he tried to fight the pain, so I found I was up and down several times during the night trying to help him get comfy, putting pillows under his leg, rolling him slightly onto his left side, etc. At about 5am I gave him some painkillers, and then we were up at 7. I had to get back to the shop this morning to finish the work I had left. While I was there Ian phoned the out of hours doctor as the pain was still every bit as bad as it was when I took him to A&E on Thursday. He texted me to say he had been instriucted to go to the out of hours clinic at the hospital at 11am. So, we got there, and a very nice doctor examined him and took more blood and said she still thought he might have septic arthritis, so she admitted him there and then. I've been at the hospital today with him, during which time his temperature shot up, but came home at his insistence at 3pm. Just before I left, however, an orthopaedic consultant came round to see him. It seems they are still thinking he has a septic hip and want to do an ultrasound scan, followed by a fine needle aspirate. They may also want to open up the joint to flush it out and start him on IV antibiotics. Needless to say he ain't coming home soon.

So, I've left him at the hospital shivering, in severe pain, and with a mouth as dry as an arab's sandal as he is nil-by-mouth and with no pain medication until they decide if he's having surgery tonight or not. I felt awful leaving him, but my poor dog hasn't had a proper walk since this all started and he's starting to climb the walls (that's border collies for you, they are bred to work hard and so have vast amounts of energy).

And after two nights of no sleep you'd think I'd be looking forward to having a peaceful night tonight, but I'm not. I really don't want to spend the night on my own. Thank goodness I have a warm dog.

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  1. terri c said...
    Have come across from the Mad Priest's place. Am praying for you and for Ian. I hope the doctors can get to the bottom of this quickly and restore him to health.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Lisa, Tracie the Red here

    Hang in there, missy. Lots of people are pulling for you and hubby. It has been a really bad season for illness, so you're not alone here at all. Sending healing vibes (and vibes for patience as well) your way.

    Keep us updated!
    PseudoPiskie said...
    Prayers for both of you. Please take care of yourself, Lisa. You need to be strong. Allow the medical folks to take care of him - but keep an eye on them.
    Sara said...
    Lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way. May you and your husband find some rest and comfort.
    David |Dah • veed| said...
    Lisa dear, prayers for hubby and for you!
    ginny s. said...
    Lisa, prayers for you & your husband--and the hospital staff, so that they figure things out quickly and start treatment & pain relief. Hang on to your doggie friend, too.
    Lisa said...
    Thank you all for the kind wishes. Didn't sleep too badly but had to get up early as couldn't stay settled. I will be visiting him as early as the hospital staff will allow!
    Göran Koch-Swahne said...
    Prayers for you and Ian, Lisa.

    Amd don't forget the dog!

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