Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ian's still in hospital. Two weeks today. I miss him. I'm lonely. I seem to have absolutely no time to myself. I desperately needed a night out to wind down and the night I had planned last night fell through because nobody else ended up going and I couldn't go on my own. I just want him home. I miss him so much. My mum and dad and Ian's mum are helping out in the shop, and I couldn't manage work without them, but when I go home at night, after I've got back from the hospital, I am tired depressed and lonely. Very few friends have even bothered to phone to see how I am. Very few have bothered to visit Ian in hospital and he's the one who was seriously ill. He would have died if he hadn't gone to the hospital quickly. It's amazing how many people tell you to take care of yourself but offer no help to ensure you do just that. The past few nights I have cried myself to sleep because I feel so isolated, so helpless, and so unimportant to other people.

Ian's just phoned me to wish me goodnight. He phones every night. At least I am important to him. My lovely hubby. :-) I wish he was home.

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  1. Anonymous said...


    Prayers, for you and Ian, and for those who know you and live close enough to phone or drop by to see how you're doing.
    Lois Keen
    themethatisme said...
    Stick with it Lisa.
    I'm quite worried now, to understand how my beloved must have been feeling when I was in for two weeks before Christmas. He'll be missing you just as much and will be delighted to be home just the same.
    Grandmère Mimi said...
    Lisa, I am so sorry that you are sad and lonely. Too often our friends are not "there for us" when we really need them. Family members need help and support, too, when their loved ones are ill.

    Prayers for Ian's healing and release from the hospital, and for your healing, too, Lisa. If I could, I'd take you for your night out.
    Wormwood's Doxy said...
    Lisa--gentle question for you. Have you *told* people you need help? I find that people often say things like "Let me know if you need anything"--and then I never ask, because I don't want to be a bother. And they are more than happy if I ask---but they don't want to annoy or bother me by barging in when they aren't sure I need them. Just a thought...

    Prayers continue for you and for Ian.


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