Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well, it's almost a week since the very first performance of Snow White and the Magic Mirror, or Schneeweiss und die Zauber Spiegel, as my dad has decided to call it.  I've got my costume washed and all nice and fresh smelling, ready for another three performances of being hot, sweaty and worried for two hours.  Must remember to pack the lovely crispy red apple we used last week in my costume/props bag before leaving the house tomorrow. It's kept very nicely in the fridge, and is so perfectly red and flawless we decided to use it again this weekend.  Forgot to go and get some more eyelash glue today. Must do that tomorrow as my dad won't remember to or have a clue.  I seem to have lost it between the last performance and coming home.  I need it to stick on my dad's false eyelashes - he's the pantomime dame - but we won't go there.  Seeing him in lipstick wearing false boobs and chatting up some random bloke in the audience has got me traumatised. I'll need therapy for weeks after this!  LOL  Only joking, but it does take a bit of getting used to!

Tonight would normally have been a Theatre Group night, but as we're on stage tomorrow night we're having a night off.  :-)  This probably means I will have to pull my finger out and do some paperwork instead, which has nothing to do with the panto but is important, nevertheless.  I also need to go through my lines at least once tonight as I forgot them on Saturday and it was only a bit of quick thinking that got me back on track.

I plan on taking some photos of the absolutely fabulous cast and crew over the weekend, so watch this space.

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