Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's All Over!

Another production finished.  It seems to have been a great success, with every performance a sell out! This is the best we've ever had in ticket sales, and I can honestly say we've had the best audience response as well. Each year we seem to get better and it's all because have a really good group of people who not only get along well, but who among them have a large and varied choice of skills to call upon and who are 100% cooperative.

Hubby took hundreds (literally) of photos and so here are a few of them. I'm the evil old hag, in case you're wondering. Not that I've been typecast or anything! ;-/

The whole project has been hugely rewarding and if I had any reservations before, I now have no doubt in mind that I intend to continue contributing to the group for a long time to come.

We'll be having the show Post Mortem this Thursday so we'll see what everyone else thinks.

Now I can hardly wait for the mid-year show! Although, having been cast in the last three productions, I feel it only fair that I decline from auditioning for the next show and learn some more backstage skills.

Bring it on!

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