Monday, January 07, 2008



Only 4 days away. The pantomime. I'm nervous to say the least. Very nervous. I have had only one complete run through on Thursday, then one more this Thursday after which I am expected to know all my cues, the song, the dance, etc, and after that we go on stage for real Friday night.

Oh [insert deity of preference here]!!

Saturday and Sunday we did a bit of promotion with a board and handing out flyers, the second day in full costume, which was fun. Hopefully we'll get a few more in the audience through that.


Now then. Whitby.

At the New Year celebrations I mentioned that I had had a pretty horrible hen night. I mean we went out for a meal, the service at the restaurant was not very good, everyone was miserable, some people left early and I ended up picking up the tab for them, and we were home by about 10:30pm. :-( Pretty shit really.

So, while me and the gang were in Shambles, somebody (don't know who, think it was a group thing) decided I should have another hen night at Whitby Gothic Weekend in April. Involving pink glittery cowboy hats to which Tori offered to attach some cyberlox or provide said lox for me to do my own stuff. Heh!!

Where to obtain pink glittery cowboy hats? Well, I've found sets of 10 on eBay quite reasonably, so I'll probably get them from there.

Anybody else got gimmicky ideas to add to the overall effect? All suggestions welcome.


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