Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh no it isn't!!

Hello there boys and girls. Are you having a good time?!

Ahem. Sorry. Ok, I suppose I really should put my thoughts down about this whole panto thing if only for my own personal use as I will no doubt have forgotten the whole experience this time next year, most probably because I will be already involved in some way with WTGs next pantomime production.

Well. Last week was ... stressful to say the least. Not only because I was extremely nervous and didn't believe that I would be able to remember my lines but I also had some personal issues which made coping all the more difficult. This was my first ever appearance on stage and I was scared beyond belief. Add to that the pressure of making sure I was in the right place at the right time with the right props and saying the right things and I was a gibbering mess. Dry mouth, weak knees, heart thumping, the lot. Then there was this other issue in which I am not going into detail, and I just wanted to scream at a certain someone.

Anyway, I coped. Someone told me a couple of weeks ago of a friend of his who used to throw up before every performance, but reckoned that the payoff was worth it ... the buzz he felt when the audience clapped and cheered as the curtain went down. Imagine how disappointed I was last week when all I felt was relief that it was all over. Three performances in one weekend, and I felt completely mentally and physically exhausted.

So, after 5 days to digest all that had happened during that time and I was resolved to make sure I was not going to get stressed before the show. After all, the first three performances went ok, so I just had to convince myself that it would be a breeze this weekend. Not as easy as it sounds.

Still, I had my cue notes more organised than the week before and I really found it easier to get into the character. My props were in order and I was ready to go. And I must say it went well. Everyone acted brilliantly, especially the four main characters (Genie Djinn, Carpet, Aladdin and Abanaza [boo, hiss]) who I thought were just perfect, they made the whole show thoroughly entertaining. After all, you need more than a great script to make a great show. It also helps if you have a great audience, and yesterday's matinee was a pure joy to hearthe children cheering and shouting and booing and hissing in all the right places.

And did I get that buzz I was hoping for? You bet I did. I was on a total high last night. So, while Mr Lisa sent our buddies from the audience into the bar and helped clean up the auditorium for me, I got changed quickly, put on a bit of makeup and did my hair and off out we went to Rock with Ramrod's first rock night of the year, to catch the last couple of hours. I danced my socks off and feel thoroughly worn out this morning, but I haven't laughed and danced and enjoyed myself so much in a long time.

Unfortunately, I now need some painkillers for my oomehead that's coming on, but I suppose that's the price we pay for having a good time. :-)


  1. glittrgirl said...
    Well done! I am pleased you got what you were hoping for from the second lot of performances. The hard thing next week will be coping with knowing there aren't any more performances of Aladdin!

    Tell the certain someone they are an arsehole. It'll make you feel a lot better ;)
    Pinksy said...
    I know what you mean about nerves. I sing in am amatuer choir with about 60 people, and I get terrified in a concert if I have to sing any part of a song with less than 4 people singing with me!

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