Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm getting nervous. Some of you may already know that several months ago I joined the Washington Theatre Group - an amateur dramatics group based at Washington Arts Centre.

Tonight will be the first performance for me. I'm not acting this time around, but have been given the role of assistant lighting and sound technician. It's pretty scary to say the least. I mean, we didn't even finish the tech last week and last night we had to blag it as we did a straight run through dress rehearsal, but all in all it turned out ok. I just wish my stomach would settle. I'm finding it very nerve racking to say the least.

We're putting on a production of Dennis Potter's "Blue Remembered Hills". Set in 1943 the story centres around a group of seven year old children who are all played by adults. It is quite a dark tale of children playing innocently, but whose innocence comes crashing down in a most catastrophic way.

Needless to say, I will be rushing home after work to make sure I have my script with lighting cues, etc all straight and legible, eat a hastily prepared meal, then I will be rushing off to get there around 6pm to make sure everything is set up and working for the performance beginning at 7:30pm.

I have only one word to say right now ... Yeeaarrgh!


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