Friday, June 15, 2007

Hospitals again

Had a letter from the hospital yesterday. It was telling me that I had an appointment today at 11:50am for another breast scan. Now, first of all I think that was a bit short notice, because not everybody would be able to take time of work just like that, mostly I was confused as I had had a letter from the consultant after I had surgery telling me that the histology showed the lump was totally benign (fibroadenoma) and therefore treatment was finished and no follow ups were required.

So I phoned them this morning to check and it turned out that there hadn't been any communitcation between the mammography unit and the consultant's secretary since before I had even had the op! Pah! Grumble-grumble-it-wouldn't-have-happened-back-in-my-day-etc-etc!

Ok, rant over. As you were, folks.

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  1. George Larson said...

    That is precisely why I immediately dispose of all correspondence from hospitals.

    and governments

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