Monday, May 28, 2007

Well, in case you hadn't worked it out, it was my birthday on Thursday. Mr Lisa bought me a nifty spiffy new camera which does just about everything except make the coffee, so off I went to try it out on Saturday.

My sis and I went along to this month's "Blow" event, but taking pictures while trying to blow bubbles off the Millennium Bridge is more difficult than it sounds. I spilled soapy bubble mixture down my top, dipped my hair in it, and almost dropped my camera in the River Tyne.

The Baltic Flour Mill - a wonderful place to visit if you're near Gateshead and fancy visiting an art exhibition. Those clouds were looking quite ominious before we'd even got there.

The Pitcher and Piano where we decided to have a drink before the event started.

And here we are, spreading bubbly happiness to all!

Just as we were finished "Blowing" the heavens opened and the camera was quickly packed up and put away. I got utterly drenched and was not a happy bunny by the time I got home. At least it was warm rain.


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