Monday, May 28, 2007


So, Saturday evening we went over to O'Neill's Irish bar in Durham to see a band called Malarky. They were quite good as cover bands go. Place was full, got most people up dancing after a few pints of Guiness.

So, I got to playing with my new camera again. It has a high sensitivity setting so that you can take pictures in darkened situations without a flash. Handy if you want to capture the atmos including lighting effects, etc. Of course, you do lose a lot in quality, plus artificial lighting together with red pub walls made all the photos have a red cast, but I'm quite pleased with what can be achieved in such a dim place.

My friend, Rick

Rick & Mr Lisa's pints going down nicely

The band, Malarky

But then I noticed this cash machine ...

... and the onscreen message...

... then this ...

Er ... guys! You lot over at Scott Tod ... I think it was the guy that was buying pints for everyone in the pub!


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