Friday, January 19, 2007

Mr Lisa is going with me. Yay! That means no coaches, we can go in the car. Also, he wants to go on Friday instead of Saturday, which means that we can go exploring round Cardiff. I know I'm such a nerdy geek, but I want to go and see some Doctor Who/Torchwood film locations while I'm there.



  1. Anonymous said...
    Sounds fab Lisa! I'm sure I heard somewhere that there was a Dr Who exihibtion somewhere in Cardiff...not sure if that was just a temporary thing though :(

    If you're passing through Bristol gimme a wave! :D *waves*

    Love Amy
    Lisa said...
    Yes, I heard about the Doctor Who exhibition. I'll try to find out about that. And yes, we will be passing by Bristol! Over that awful Severn Bridge that a hate so much. LOL

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