Thursday, February 10, 2005


Wow, I really must try to keep up with my journal. This just isn't good enough! I just get swept up in stuff and before I know it weeks have passed!

Well, so far as the sushi goes, Ian ate it, and he didn't complain, but I know he didn't like it! His face lit up when I grilled the remaining tiger prawns with some bacon and served it up with some tomato and garlic mayonnaise!

Beamish Museum phoned me up on Monday with an order. I have plenty of soap made, but not wrapped, and now I've gone and sprained my thumb and I'm having difficulty wrapping the damn things! Argh! I wanted this whole thing to start off without a hitch, but why is it that that's never the case?! I have 144 bars to wrap, too! Oh well, I just have to wrap in small batches, have a rest, and wrap a few more. They'll get them, just not this week.

I made chilli for dinner last night. It was yummy. We had it with basmati rice (because it's my favourite and doesn't take long to cook!) and grated mature cheddar (I didn't have any Monteray Jack). It was yummy. We were really naughty and didn't have salad or anything with it! LOL Still, we have been having fruit after our meals, so we're not completely unhealthy.

Poor Ian has been really poorly since last Friday. I think yesterday was his first ok-ish day. We both got some virus that made us really tired and achey and shivery, and I got over it quite quickly, but he has had it longer than me, and even though he's been going to work, he's been coming home early, taking paracetamol and curling up on the settee with a blanket over him. Aww, bless him. It's not like him to be ill, and when he is, he really is. Unlike me. I seem to get every little sniffle or cough or tummy bug going, and constantly feel like crap, but it doesn't last long.

Well, I've just been to the post office to drop off a bundle of parcels and now I'm going to make a cup of coffee and then start wrapping soaps!!


  1. abeator81 said...
    wow...good luck with your wrapping! I find large orders of cards difficult too....not so much if they are all different but making loads of the same one gets a bit boring cos I cant be creative and invent new ones! Not that I get many orders....

    Sorry he didnt like the sushi...just one of them things I guess. At least the chilli was good...I love chilli but Stace doesnt like spicey food so I only get to have it occassionally at my mum's.

    I hope Ian gets better soon.

    Lots of Love, Amy
    abeator81 said...
    Hey dude,

    Are you still around? It's been almost a month since you last wrote in your journal and I havent heard from you in a little while. I hope you're ok. I'm sure you're just busy.

    Take care pet, love Amy x

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