Saturday, May 01, 2004

Feeling down

I've been having therapy because I've suffered from depression for some years. Yesterday's session opened up some old wounds and made me think about things I'd rather avoid thinking about (things I've avoided thinking about for years which is probably how it all started in the first place). I've felt so low since then, I really don't feel much like posting much at all. When I'm feeling a bit brighter I'll be back.


  1. keelymorley said...
    Wounds never become scars until you open them up, clear out all the pus and filth and let the air get to them. Then and only then does the real healing process begin. Don't be afraid to open up, if you avoid that which truly hurts you, you will never truly heal. Part of healing is being able to face the pain, look it square in the eye and truly deal with that which has inflicted damage. I will pray for you, that God will strengthen you and bring you peace in your heart where there is pain and turmoil.
    From the Real Vicar of Dibley
    jdmarker123 said...
    I think that your depression is very sad... Life has so many expectations. Many of them false... We see bill boards full of smiling, computer-enhanced images of people that are so full of joy (or are they?).
    Our view of what people are like and the lives they lead are distorted, (how many times have you kicked the cat and then a friend knocks the door and you are all smiles????)

    Images in adverts tell us we should all have perfectly mainicured nails, perfect skin, hair, body etc.

    Our friends let us down. Our loved ones let us down. We have deep hurts from the past. ALL OF US!! Abuse, dissapointments etc. All stemming from people who let us down.

    I too have down times...... but i know that when i am down, the Love of my life never lets me down. He forgives me when i turn away from him and rebel, He has made promises that He will never go back on, He has never hurt me. He has saved me from many dangers, He always comforts me, He always has the right words to help me, He will ALWAYS BE THERE for me. He loved Me so much that He died for me.......................................................................................................
    He also rose again and is alive today and forever more. One day soon He is coming again, or He is a liar. His word, the bible offers answers to every single problem. He forgives all who come and ask. You too can ask, You will have amazing peace like you have only dreamt of. Repent of all the times that you have turned away from Him, everytime you have hurt someone, every time you have kicked the cat!!! He WILL forgive you. Rejoice a new life, full of joy awaits you.

    . Eternal love is for ALL those who invite Him to become their saviour and Lord of their life. ANYONE> Much love

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