Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Been offline

I had to reinstall my operating system a few days ago. Or rather, I chose to. My pooter was so full of crap that rather than attempting to clean it up, I thought it would be quicker and more effective to burn what I wanted to keep to CD and do a clean reinstall.
Well! What a fiasco. Once the pooter was back up and running I wanted to get back online ASAP (of course!) and couldn't find the driver disk for my DSL modem! Aaargh! I ended up having to connect using dialup and download the driver (which took ages!), and I did all this before I'd installed my antivirus and firewall software. Yes, yes, I know, I should have known better! Guess who got infected with the Blaster (Lovsan) worm only minutes after reconnecting to the world?!
Oh well ... I'm all healed and innoculated now.


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