Monday, December 26, 2011

Had an awful dream. I've been feeling a bit wiped with this chesty cough thing and after getting up at 6am to take himself to work (no metro till 10am today), I promptly came home and went to bed. Just woke up now (!!) and this dream I had was indeed disturbing.

I dreamed I lived in an upstairs flat, and that there were strange statanic rituals being carried out downstairs. My cousin's daughter had started living with us and decorating my bedroom in bright yellow with black writing on the walls, and there were vampires nesting in the wall cavity. You could tell which walls they were in because the wallpaper had gone all wet and rubbery and was peeling. The vampires hatched out of eggs (look, it was MY dream, ok?) and then continued to lie on the ground as naked white corpses till grown to maturity, then would just get up and started coming after you with no warning.

I had a feeling it was all connected to the satanic rites downstairs and decided to run away. A little way down the road I bumped into the county sheriff (a sure sign I've been watching too many movies - I'm in England - no sheriffs!) who wanted to go fishing with me, despite the fact I had vampires hot on my tail.

Glad I woke up but I'm feeling a bit shaken and still got that dreamy feeling about me. I think something to eat and drink will help, and some solid housework to keep me grounded.


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