Tuesday, July 07, 2009

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Been having a bad couple of weeks.
A friend told me, soon after Ian died, that things would get worse
before they got better. Well they certainly are. The shock is
finally wearing off and I'm slowly realising that this is for good.
Forever. That Ian isn't ever coming home. It's heartbreaking. Work
is becoming more and more difficult each day. I'm spending more time
in bed sobbing and less time working. Then I get stressed because I'm
not getting through the work quick enough and start to feel completely
Today hasn't been so bad, though. Got through all the work and even
found time to sit down and eat a proper, healthy meal. I'm going to
go for a drive soon, simply to get out of the house. Don't know
where, just see where the car takes me.
Still feeling lonely.

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  1. Paul said...
    Lisa, I am so sorry to read how hard your days and nights are. I have thought of you often and you remain in my heart and prayers.
    KJ said...
    You remain in my prayers.
    motheramelia said...
    Lisa, you are in my prayers as well. The downs, and tears and all you are going through is hard, but of course, you miss Ian. Eventually the tears will be less frequent, but I'm afraid, the hole in your heart will always be there. Lots of love

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