Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fed up

Despite many letters (including copies of death certificates), phone calls and letters sent by my solicitor, I am still receiving demanding letters from creditors regarding outstanding debts that I was left with after Ian died. The latest is a default notice that I am to pay the full outstanding amount by 2 June otherwise they will start legal proceedings to recover the full amount. The latest from one of the companies stated that I hadn't contacted them despite their previous letters, and I have records of loads of correspondence with them! Another company had addressed 2 of the letters to Ian! It's not like they aren't going to get paid, just that I don't have access to funds to pay them yet because of all the red tape involved. All of this paperwork, form filling and waiting for responses takes time. All they have to do is wait a bit longer, but no. They want their money now and they are prepared to do whatever they have to to get it. To be honest I have been through quite enough recently and right now I don't feel I have the strength to cope with all this any longer.
I went to see Combichrist last night in Sunderland. A good dose of Norwegian trance inducing EBM was just what I needed to forget about my worries. I think I danced so much my legs were like jelly at the end of the night! I had originally bought two tickets for me and Ian months ago so I let Ian's best friend, Geoff, have the spare ticket.

Tomorrow I will take the latest batch of letter to my solicitor and see if he can reason with them.

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  1. Paul said...
    Dear Lisa,
    I am sorry you have to put up with heartless stuff like this. A belated birthday wish that I know cannot make it a happy one after the fact but with prayers for new strength, new peace, and surprises of joy in the year ahead.

    Prayers continue.

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