Thursday, October 30, 2008

Write or Die

Well, I have about 10 minutes to quickly write a few words. I'd just like to start by saying that I am currently using "Write or Die" which is in my opinion a thoroughly scary concept entirely. It makes you continue writing even if you think you have no inspiration by unwriting your words of you stop. This makes you carry on regardless of whether you feel you have anything useful to say. I should give it go if I was you. I stopped writing for a couple of seconds and it turned my screen red and started playing Rick Ghastly to me, which is a horrific punishment for someone like me.

Anyway, I really must get going as I have to be at work in about 20 minutes or so. Give "Write or Die" a go, seriously. You may just find that it will improve your productivity. I may use it in future to keep my blog populated with general blurb.


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