Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rain, rain

It hasn't stopped raining for two days. The sky is almost black. It looks like we are in a perpetual twilight. I wear long skirts so going out means I get totally sodden round my ankles. Methinks platform boots are in order. That way I can walk on water. [guffaw]

I've still not done the Whitby report, mainly on account of the fact that I've been putting together a dedicated photo gallery site as I now have too many photos from all of the WGW's I've been to along with holiday and convention piccies, to name just a few. I anticipate having it finished anytime between this evening and Friday!! Depends on how much time I can devote to it.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be a busy one as far my social life goes. Friday night is Persecution night, and this Saturday plays host to the once a month cricket club do with Rock With Ramrod.

I forgot my cousin's birthday on Sunday. I have to post a belated card today and then it's her daughter's birthday next Sunday. Must remember to get a card for her as well.


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