Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ok, Whitby is well and truly over, but I have been rather tardy in getting those pictures uploaded and a report written. After three late nights plus the clocks going back an hour I seem to be suffering from an out-of-kilter body clock and have been too damned tired to do anything.

Still, I had planned on updating my blog this evening, but it will have to wait a bit longer.

Today I received a phone call from my mother to say there had been a terrible accident and my uncle (my dad's brother) had just died. It appears he fell out of the loft while storing stuff. He was as fit as a fiddle. Everyone is just in such shock. My dad has now lost both of his parents and both of his brothers. His brothers were both younger than him ... it isn't supposed to happen that way, surely?! I can't help but feel so angry. He was such a good bloke, a loving father. Didn't suffer from any illnesses. Strong as an ox. And then this happens. He has left behind a wife, three grown up children and a couple of grandchildren.

Right now I need a whisky. And a good cry. And an early night. The Whitby report can wait.


  1. Diane said...
    prayers from the U.S. to you and your family.
    eileen said...
    Sent over by Mad Priest. I'm sorry - this is a terrible thing for your dad and for you and your family. Please accept my offering of prayers for all of you.

    May God hold your uncle in perpetual light, and may he surround you, your dad, your aunt and cousins with his warm embrace.
    Ellie Finlay said...
    I'm so very sorry, Lisa. May you be comforted. And may your uncle rest in peace.

    Prayers for you both.
    Mary Sue said...
    Stumbling over from MadPriest's place with the Internet equivalent of a covered dish.

    May light perpetual shine upon him, and may you find solace in your time of grief.
    Lisa said...
    Thank you for all your kind words. I'm sure my Dad will be comforted by them as well.
    Pinksy said...
    Bloody hell! My condolences to you matey, hope you're okay.

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