Saturday, December 16, 2006

I have lost my mobile phone. Not only that, but it's either switched off or the battery's flat. I've been trying to ring it to find out where it is but nothing. I just keep getting through to voicemail. :-(

Not only that, but my laptop died a couple of days ago. When I switch it on the lights come on, but that's it. The hard drive won't spin up. I do have a copy of Knoppix on disk, and thought if I could boot up into a disc version of Linux I'd be able to repair or recover info from the HD, but it won't even boot from CD ROM drive, even though that's what it's set to do in the BIOS. Yesterday I took the HD out and put it back in again, thinking maybe it was a dodgy connection. I switched it on and got as far as the big windows logo on the black screen, and it froze. I've never got past that.

Now, what's worrying me the most is that I have all my website files on there, including my FTP login info, and so I can't update my site to say I'm not taking any more orders till after the New Year. And I've just got an order from someone who wants it before Christmas. There are also all the wages on there, because I use the Inland Revenue P11 calculator that comes on their CD. And I haven't backed up the wages for about three months. Yeeargh! What am I going to do? I am in such deep doo doo right now, I feel sick. And I had just bought John Barrowman's Aspects of Loyd Webber off iTunes, as well. Downloaded but not listened to all of it yet. Now it's gone.

Ok, calm down, Lisa. You need to phone the guy at Tyne Computers and see if he can help. Maybe it's just a loose wire or something. Yeah, that's it. A loose wire. Everything will be fine. I just need to keep telling myself that. Everything will be fine, everything will be fine, everything will be fine ...


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