Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Whitby Gothic Weekend is only 3 days away. I still haven't finished sorting my outfits.

I ordered a made-to-measure corset/cincher and (rather foolishly, I suppose) decided to lose a bit of weight before I go. I lost 7 pounds in a week (yes, really!) and by the time the bloody corset came it was just a bit too big! Aargh! I'd forgotten about that! I am so annoyed! So, now I look like a barrel in it because, it doesn't tighten up enough to actually accentuate my waist. Bummer.

Oh well. Check back after the weekend for some photos. The Damned are the headlining band this time, so should be good.


  1. Butchieboy said...
    Just go topless.
    Lisa said...
    Yeah, could do that, I suppose. I wouldn't be the only one there. Unfortunately, at my age, I need support if they I don't want them to flap round my knees and trip me up.
    Butchieboy said...
    OMG. Pictures.
    Lisa said...
    Don't have them yet. Soon as I do they'll be here!

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