Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well, they did it. They actually did it. For those of you not in the know, the Eurovision Song Contest has been running since 1956 and have spawned such successes as Abba, Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man. Most of the entries each year are pretty cheesey, which is why I generally don't tune in when it's on, but this year I was rooting for Finland's entry, "Hardrock Hallelujah" by rock band Lordi.
That make up ... if Klingons new about rock music, that's how they'd do it. Yep.


  1. Butchieboy said...
    Booo. They are the poor man's GWAR.
    Lisa said...
    Ah, but you have to really understand the whole 'culture' thing around Eurovision to fully appreciate them. Rumour has it they deliberately wrote that song to be as cheesey as poss. because they didn't expect it to win.

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