Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Me? Write stuff?

Other than blogging about silly websites I haven’t really written a serious entry about anything that’s been going on.  So much has happened there’s too much to say in one post, and quite frankly I simply don’t have the time right now.

On Thursday I have a funeral to go to.  As it’s in Welwyn Garden City I will be travelling tomorrow and coming home on Friday.  Once I get home I have a boatload of preparation to do for some consultancy work I’ve taken on starting on Tuesday, so I can’t see me writing anything before then.  I promise when the panic is over I will start bringing you, my readers, up to date.

Until then, take care.


  1. Butchieboy said...
    Request pics of: monkeys, fat kids & mokeys doing stuff
    Lisa said...
    Heh. Hmmm ... monkeys I can do, but fat kids? Believe it or not, I don't know any.

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