Friday, July 29, 2005

Good news

The vet rang yesterday. It is a histiocytoma after all, so I can now relax. :-)

On a lighter note, Ian came home tonight with Sonny after walking him and told me that he (Sonny) had made his first kill! Aargh! I've never had a dog that killed anything! Biff's caught lots of things but didn't hurt any of them and let them all go once she got bored. Sonny killed a rabbit outright and brought it back to show Ian, but the rotten scone wouldn't bring it home with him!! Harrumph! I'd have brought it home and put it in a pie. I love rabbit. But not Ian. He said he didn't think he could eat anything that he had just seen killed. The daft sod. If that was the case I'd have shared the pie with Sonny.


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