Thursday, December 09, 2004

An Update

On Monday 29th November Biff took a turn for the worse. I made the decision then and there that enough was enough and it was time to end her pain. My husband and I took her to the vet that afternoon, and she died quietly in my arms at 2:45 pm.

This past week I have been unable to tell you about it, both of us have just spent the time grieving, indeed, typing this now has got me in tears.

Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts. These pages have been up for a few years ... I think I'm going to leave them up now:

Biff's Pages


  1. abeator81 said...
    Aww Lisa, I'm so sorry. I thought something had happened as I hadn't heard from you in the longest time. At least Biff isn't in pain anymore. I know thats not much consollation...

    love Amy xxx
    sepintx said...
    I am so sorry to hear of Biff's passing :-(
    Wonderful look at Biff, I'd keep those pages up!

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